Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Exersaucer!

We got the girls an exersaucer. It was quite an experience for David and me. We went to Babies R Us and ran into 2 of my friends, Shari and Ashley. Shari has a daughter that is just 3 days older than the girlies and Ashley is pregnant with a boy, Aiden, who is going to join us the beginning of December!

Anyway, Ashely was starting her baby registry so I walked around with them for a while and we got to the exersaucers -- the very item I was there to purchase and I went on and on about how great everything "Rainforest" themed by Fisher Price was and that she should totally register for the Rainforest exersaucer -- thats what I was going to buy! Well, we walked around the rest of Babies R Us, I was waiting for David, he was going to meet me there after work. Ashely and Shari finished up and left, David and I went back to the exersaucers and decided to let the girls test drive the Rainforest and the Baby Einstein to make sure we were making the right decision and Lyla LOVED the Baby Einstein! She may have felt the same way about the Rainforest but the floor model was missing a few toys -- so she wasn't as impressed.

So, after all the hype to Ashley, we ended up with the Baby Einstein and have really enjoyed it so far! Plus, we figured we would be visiting Shari and her little girl Leah and we hope they will be visiting us too, so it would give the girls some variety.

Here is our new toy!

As I mentioned, Lyla LOVES it!! There is a little green frog that spins and she spins it over and over and over.

Pressley isn't so sure about it yet. She can tolerate it for a few minutes on her own and looks at the toys but doesn't really play with them. Then she starts to fuss. I'll start playing with the toys to show her how fun it can be, that entertains her but as soon as I stop playing, shes over it. She'll get there.

Since I don't have any exciting pictures of her in the new toy, here are some cute ones of her just being cute!

She always either has her tongue out, or her hands in!


Last Paradise said...

Lyla looks just like John in these! I think its the curiousity contentment by the toys :) Can't wait to see Pressy in it, but I'm glad Lyla has her thing since YOU are Pressy's!!!

jlott said...

I love the stuff you made for the girls!! I really am so impressed!! Your girls are adorable, as always!

Susan said...

haha awww Pressy