Monday, June 9, 2008

Wiggle worm

Here is that little gem I promised! Lyla is the wiggliest sleeper! We put them down in their crib the same way every night, you've seen pictures before. This is how we found them the other morning. I caught her in the act the next morning and she seems to lift her legs and head and pivot on her bootie. Quite a sight to behold!
Her eyes are starting to open because David had to take a few pictures to block out the mobile. But she was sound asleep this way -- they both were.


Anonymous said...

Love it!

:) Katie

Susan said...

how sweet! Lyla just has to be close to her sister. :)

Lorren said...

They are so adorable, Joelle! I love seeing new photos of them. It makes me miss them even more! I bet you love peeking over the crib each morning to see what position they're in now.

Lorren said...

And I like the way their pacies match their swaddles. You never know who may take pictures of you when you're sleeping, you better be ready! :)