Monday, June 23, 2008

Unflattering pictures

I asked David if I should post these pictures and he said "every child has a picture of them as babies that they hate!". So, I guess thats a "yes"??

I had just finished feeding the girls. I put their bottles in the kitchen and came back to Lyla after she had spit up. Quite a common act for her, but she looked so cute (as cute as you can look with spit up on your face!), just chilling with her spit up goatee.

Hmmm, wonder what Pressy is doing... (notice the "concentration tongue" a Kruithof trademark!)


Anonymous said...

Haha! These make me laugh and laugh! Pressley's face is so red! Can you just picture these images in their "wedding slideshow" someday!

:) Katie

Susan said...

yes!!! these are fabulous!!!!