Sunday, June 1, 2008


This is really just a teaser... I want you all to know I haven't forgotten about blogging, in fact, I've missed it! But I have so many pictures from our wonderful beach trip, I just don't know where to begin! Plus -- they girls have been little pickles this week, all that sleeping in loved ones arms has made them hate their cribs! So, its been a busy week, but rewarding, both girls are now peacefully sleeping IN THEIR CRIBS!! Of course, it comes on Sunday morning, when I have to wake them up to take them to church.

Here is a pic just to keep my masses happy! All 5 of you! Its the girls first time in the ocean!!

Yup, Lyla was like "Whatever" and Pressy slept through it, didn't even lose her pacie.


Last Paradise said...

Pressy was sleeping through the whole sand experience huh? John and Owen met again tonight, I'll get some pics from Jed tomorrow and post too... we'll encourage eachother :) Love you!!!

Susan said...

haha how funny!

Lorren said...

more pictures! more pictures! more pictures! -the masses