Thursday, June 5, 2008

What I'm loving about the girlies rigt now

I decided to write this because of my #1 for Pressley. (these are in no particular order).

#1. As I write this, Pressley is laying on my chest, we are chest to chest and she is completely swaddled. She is supposed to be finishing her nap (she refused to finish it in her crib). Her neck is getting strong and, although she is supposed to be napping, she has her adorable little head lifted up high and is looking all around the room! Its so amazing to see how much she has grown and developed over the last 3 months. Just 3 short months!

#2. Her big, beautiful blue eyes!

#3. She is going through a stage where she is ALWAYS happy! Finally! She has always been my higher maintenance baby, but for the past week or so she is my most cheerful, she smiled and laughs through everything -- even getting dressed if you can believe that!!

#4. She entertains herself on the changing mat. Its adorable, as soon as I lay her down flat on her back to change her diaper, she starts cooing and talking to herself. She pulls her fists up and just stares and stares. She stares so hard she ends up crossing her eyes. Its wonderful to see her studying her body that way!

#5. She carries on conversations! Ok, not in English, but she conversationally babbles. She will coo and carry on and then pause for me to talk, then when I pause she picks right back up with her cooing.

#6. Her thumb! One of these days she is going to figure that thing out and I bet we'll never be able to get it out of her mouth!!! Although, now that I think about it, she may be a finger sucker, she seems pretty happy with them... which leads me to #7...

#7. She sucks on her fingers so hard she gags herself! To the point of throwing up.

#8. Her rolly poly belly. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! And I love the way it looks in her clothes.

#9. She looks at the pictures when we read her a book. She will look from one page to the other taking in all the colors.

#10. The color of her hair in the sun. I never imagined I would have a strawberry blonde baby, I though Lorren might, but I just didn't think I would. I love it!! She gets compliments on her hair color all the time.

#1. She is going through a serious stage, sometimes she will just sit there and take it all in, look around the room and just observe. I love watching her do this because I can almost see the wheels in her head turning as she learns.

#2. Her big, beautiful blue eyes!

#3. Bathtime. I've said this before and I'll say it again. The girl LOVES bathtime and is so much fun to watch in the tub, she has figured out when she kicks she splashes. Its great.

#4. She OWNS kickey bear! She totally has it figured out! She knows just what to do to get his nose to light up. Its awesome!

#5. Her hair! How could you not love that crazy hair?!? I can't get it to lay down to save my life. I love it!!

#6. The way she drinks her bottle. She will often close her eyes while she drinks. It seems like she is really focusing on drinking. She stays slow and steady and usually finishes her whole bottle in one sitting, where Pressley will suck some, pull off, look around, suck some more, etc.

#7. She can flip completely upside down in the crib! I don't know how she does it and still manages to stay as close to Pressley as possible. I took a picture of it this morning, I'll post it later.

#8. She loves to snuggle as close to Pressley at night as she can. We usually separate them by about 4 or 5 inches and she will wiggle until they are touching heads, its precious.

#9. Her cry. So, its really a love/hate relationship because I hate it when she cries. But her cry is just so unique! So high pitched and the little faces she makes when she cries is really quite cute. She usually makes me laugh at first -- I know, not the goal of a cry, but I've never seen a baby cry like her before.

#10. Her smile. She makes us work for a smile, not like Pressy who just gives them away, but when you get one, it'll make your heart melt!!


Anonymous said...

This is the sweetest list! You are such a wonderful Mommy to take the time to record all these things. You will be so happy to look back someday and remember all the ways they were lovable and unique at this precious time in their lives.

I love you!

Lorren said...

What a great idea! I agree with Katie- you are a GREAT mom! And it's a great way to remember all of the little things. I may just have to copy your idea on my own blog so I'll have it all documented somewhere!

Amanda said...

I can't WAIT to meet these girls! And you!!

Last Paradise said...

You are so cute, I agree with Lor and Katie- You are an amazing mom and such an inspiration!
Love You!

Susan said...

Oh wow Jo - loved all those great things you said about the really helps you feel like you know them better when you can't be around them all the time. :)
What precious babies you have!!