Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank you, God, for our friends!

Our dear friends, Candice and Steve came to visit us from Greenville. I met up with them Friday before the Braves game and they stayed the weekend. We had a lot of fun, especially because they have a 3 year old, Rivers and a 2 month old (4 weeks younger than the girlies), Delaney. Having 3 little babies in the house was something else! I'm thankful I only have twins! At least with twins I have one hand per child.

Rivers is a great big brother. My girls LOVED him, especially Pressley. All Rivers had to do was look at Pressley and she broke out into smiles and laughter. It was so cute to watch! He was also very helpful. I stopped to feed the girls while we were walking around the mall and he wanted to help feed. He fed Lyla and did a great job! I miss living near them. They are such precious friends.

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Lorren said...

Wow, I remember hearing about when Rivers was born! How could he already be so big? He's a cutie! I love the curls!